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balanceThe modern currency trading technologies enable the taking of big profits in a short period of time: brokers provide their clients with leverages; client terminals support the function of automatic trading etc. Indeed, with Forex it is possible to become rich in a moment but it is also possible to lose everything at once.

Let us discuss the main market and non-market risks.

Exchange rates volatility

One of the main properties of Forex is its volatility that reflects the dynamics of prices. The market is considered as volatile if there are frequent and significant price fluctuations. Price spikes can lead to financial losses. While opening a deal a trader should consider that prices are subject to various fluctuations. Therefore, it is necessary to control the opened positions or to place limit orders.

Dynamics of prices is affected by various economic and political events as well. The release of breaking news can provoke significant price changes. Moreover, from time to time the central banks carry out the currency interventions in order to influence the exchange rate of the national currencies. Interest rates also play an important role as they can lead to the changes in exchange rates.

The risk of using a leverage

Leverage serves as a comfortable and effective trading tool. The profitability of deals can be significantly multiplied if you use the assets borrowed from a broker. The higher the profit is, the greater the risks are. The losses cannot exceed the equity of a trader, but if a trader uses a big leverage, then even the slightest price movement in the opposite direction can reduce the deposit to zero.

Technical risks

In order to control deals and to find a right moment for making a buy or a sell deal, a trader needs a computer and a constant access to the Internet. There is always a possibility of unexpected power cutoff, equipment errors or disconnection. As a rule such alternative devices as smartphones, laptops and tablet computers can be a good solution.

Dishonest brokers

Unfortunately, while trading on Forex there is a risk to choose an unreliable broker. But it is quite easy to find a reliable company as there are lots of comments in the Internet. While opening an account you should learn the information concerning the organization, check out the presence of all necessary licenses, read attentively the trading conditions. These measures are essential for security.

Prestigious brokers are not really interested in losses of their clients. That is the reason why they try to ensure the maximum transparency of their activity and propose the effective trading instruments. Reliable companies neither deliberately change the exchange rates nor play against the client! Moreover, you can detect such “bucket shops”, you just need to be cautious.

Trading psychology

Available trading and high speed of deals execution can seem easy and simple. If you consider the trading as an exciting game, you can pay for this with your own money. A trader’s decision is influenced by various psychological factors. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to control your emotions.

Summary: trading on Forex is one of the most risky ways of investment to compare with a banking deposit, for example. But most of the risks can be prevented if you remember that they are present.risk

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