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16.09.2010 Post in Trading

Every beginning and experienced trader must know what does Forex rollback mean or in other words market correction. Market correction or rollback is the price movement in the opposite direction from the dominative market trend. Correction emerges in case of overbought or oversold financial instrument which is considered.

At the moment when the market participants find out that the financial instrument price is underestimated – the market is in the oversold condition and it starts to fix the profit of the orders opened earlier. That is how the upside market correction arises amid the downward trend. The downside market correction appears if the up-going trend is to take place. At this moment, the most traders see the oversold market condition and begin closing the “buy” positions opened before, as the financial price is overestimated.

Forex rollback is a strategy which completely depends on the changes taking place on the market. The major trends correction is average trends, short term – the average trends correction. The trends show the peaks and drops of the market as there are no frank trends on the currency market.

Experienced traders can predict and use corrections in their trading which open the previous trend by some percentage point. 50%-Forex rollback is the most well-known one. The core of this Forex rollback is that the price having overcome the range from 20 to 40 will surely drift back by 10 points more that will total to 50% before its uptrend restarts.

Forex rollback is a price feature which is proper for the trend extents. The price rollback always moves at least by one third from the preceding motion. The essence comprehension of rollbacks on Forex market affords an opportunity of choosing the time for buying or selling the currency.

For a potential currency purchase a trader has to determine during the upward trend where Forex rollback is fixed by one third from the previous movement, remember this level, after that it should be used as a starting point for a potential currency purchase. Forex rollback by one third determines a potential sale point within the down-going trend.

The levels of the upper and lower trends are of a great significance. Forex rollback amounts to two thirds very seldom when there is a correction. Due to a program software used by the traders in the work the Forex rollback rate can be determined by means of charts. The percentage rollback of Forex market can be: 33%, 38%, 50%, 62% or 66% and each trader sets the necessary level by himself.

Added by Evgeny Galaev,
Chief Manager of InstaForex Client Relations Department