Lucky trader shares the secret of his success

July 13th, 2009

It is an open secret that people of different professions can be successful. We can find lucky steel founders, lucky programmers or even lucky waiters, who gets gratuity exceeding their official salary scale. But success does not make as much profit in any profession, as in trading. Particularly, in the currency market Forex. Admittedly, it wouldn’t be correct to talk just about the naked success. As in other fields, good fortune in trading exists hand-in-hand with such qualities as professionalism, experience and mastery.

We would like to call your attention to the interview with one of undoubtedly successful traders – Hamidi Akazari from Egypt.

IFX: What does help you to achieve such amazing success in trading?
HA: Certainly, I can not give you the unambiguous answer. Or course, I would like to say, that positive trading at Forex is the service of my experience and skills. But it will not be the absolute truth. The high profile in trades belongs to a broker (or dealing center). Namely, the service quality, trading conditions and efficiency in the deals’ execution. Right about orders execution speed I would like to mention. For a long period I am InstaForex client and I can say that execution of all my in the work with any trading instrument is instant. Just at the cost of this I can use my trading style as well as different trading strategies in the first-rate fashion. What about successful criterion, assuredly it is the profitability of trade expressed in per-cents. At the current moment it averages 8-10 % and that is not bad showing. Also the very important success criterion is the stability of trade with positive result.

IFX: How long do you work with InstaForex and did you meet any problem trading with the company?
HA: A year sharp. Before this I worked with some brokers. I think every trader worked not with one dealing center during his/her career. In spite of the market density and the number of offers, experienced trader will easily distinguish one broker from another. Every company has its trading conditions, client servicing style and additional facilities. Work with InstaForex absolutely satisfies me. Among instant execution the company provides the attractive trading conditions, more than professional support, and above all accuracy and timeliness in depositing and withdrawing funds to or from trading account. I never had problems with withdrawal. And even if I had any troubles, they happened through the fault of the e-payment system, as many others attacked by DDOS-hackers. What about InstaForex, some months ago I came into collision with temporary disconnection of the company’s trading server. But again after introduction of the second server in this spring the given problems have gone completely.

IFX: Do you have your favorite support specialist in InstaForex Company?
HA: Yes, I do. It is Alaa Nabil Hanafy. He is also from Egypt. I see the great advantage of InstaForex in this. I am talking about multilanguage support availability. For example, I speak English perfectly, but all the same I prefer talking to support in Arabic. It is all right. And the fact that almost every client of the company can find the support specialist talking his native language is wonderful!

IFX: Thank you for your time and for answering our questions. We wish you good luck in your future trading!

The interview was obtained by Darika Isakova,
interpreter-translator of InstaForex

InstaForex online

July 12th, 2009

Dear customers and all interested in trading with InstaForex,

We invite you to join our growing community and start discussing at the official forum of the company, placed at the following link. Recent news, immediate support and sharing trader’s experience is what is waiting for you at the pages of our new resource.

Start your topic at right now!

Added by Ekaterina Pobedinskaya,
clients´ Chief Manager of InstaForex

Day-by-day trading

July 9th, 2009

Everybody knows that Forex does not sleep and does not close. Since the rise in Asia till the sunset in New York bargains are made on Forex. Here is the question: what does Forex intraday trade constitute, if, in fact, trading sessions are held without breaks during the whole week? That is why technically intraday trade is a deal closed when trader does not sleep. Also a deal can be considered as intraday if it is sealed or closed during the trading sessions at the Asian, European or American stock markets.

Informally intraday trading is an indicator of trader’s mastery and experience level. Thus, for example, a newbie trader wants to jump into the market, win and go out. More experienced intraday trader prefers wait till the market comes to him. The newbie player takes intraday trade as alternative of the deep market analysis. Whereas, the experienced trader knows that intraday trade itself is a result of its analysis.

A history of your intraday trade plays an essential role. You see, starting analysis, probing a position where a price is testing a trading pattern, the key support or resistance levels of Fibonacci, trend line or moving average. In the ordinary sense, your next trading day takes its trading models reasoning from the previous days if not weeks.

Finding of your next intraday deals is the result of some decision-making rules application. The actual condition for trade signal receiving is waiting till the right confirmative moment. The next important step consists in deciding what direction the next deal will have. Will it be “buy” or “sell”? Choosing the direction of your next deal you do not try to forecast the market at all. You wait till the market comes to you itself.

The attractive feature of Forex market is concerned with plenty of opportunities for trading during a day.

Let’s try to determine how many good trading chances does intraday currency trader have during one day. Sensitiveness analysis would show that we have 6 major currency pairs (EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD), and at least the 2 most widespread cross pairs (EURGBP и EURJPY). This provides us with 8 pairs for intraday trade.

When we look closely at every graphical interval of a currency pair for getting a trading signal, we greatly increase potential for deals. Intraday trading at Forex market can often provide more trading opportunities than in a medium-term outlook. A market participant doesn’t has to catch any deal, he/she should choose carefully from the number of existing chances. A trader must sift out potential bargains, searching for patterns and choosing the key time interval. A great idea is to focus on the trend lines and channels in any time frames.

The newbie trader can make it a rule to determine trading opportunities using 4-hour time frame. This period is rather long so that the price could develop wider ranges acceptable for trading. During 4-hour time frame currency pairs often show ranges that provide the distance apart the resistance and support levels enough for reaching intraday trading goals.

In that way if we evaluate that we can intend on 2 trading chances for a currency pair during the given 4-hour period, then we can await in common 16 trading opportunities that can justify closing of the deal.

If we closely analyze these opportunities and choose only 1 deal during the 4-hour span of time, then we have more than enough to consider Forex intraday trading as serious chance.
There is nothing unordinary in cluster effect advent, when an operation with one currency pair is accompanied by operations with all other pairs, and suddenly nearly the same time numerous opportunities appear. Otherwise, distribution of the trading chances is not accidental, that is why patience in waiting of the best chance is the determinative skill.

Eventually, bargaining is a logical conclusion of analysis, but it is not spontaneous action. Whereas, there is no one common rule regarding what trading signal is to choose, we can diminish conditions in such a way that a deal will be rational and supported by combination of the technical factors.

Any day trading models, that can make you wish to arrange a deal, appear on Forex market. The experienced traders wait for deals with a high probability, if they are sure the deal will work. The mental state and optimism also can support trader’s confidence.

In the long run, profit and losses statistics will show if you follow up the deal or if you trade for win. Either you seek after grasping a quick gain for paying for your dinner at a restaurant or trade for mortgage payment, intraday payment on Forex has a potential for achieving different trading aims because of its market patterns.

Forex intraday trading offers a wide spectrum of trading opportunities, but it requires a lot from the trader. Currency exchange trader who wants to be successful, must be armed with the arsenal of technical instruments and have a set of the distinct rules.

The article was added by Evgeniy Galaev,

InstaForex Chief Manager of the Client Relations Department

The future of the currencies

July 7th, 2009

The crisis has led us to a revise of the dollar as the international reserve currency. The rumors about making the common currency which will unify the Middle East countries, particularly the main oil-producing participants of the world raw material market, brought oil into fire. Russia loudly announces about ruble strengthening and about a wish to operate with its international trading partners using the national currency at least in a part of mutual exchanges. The same does China, which export and confidence to yuan need to be increased. And recent regular SCO meeting in Ekaterinburg looked like a funeral of the US dollar as the world reserve currency in the eyes of American financial reporters. The motion was set up, but nevertheless, it was provoked by the crisis. If the crisis is not so prolonged in respect of optimistic forecasts, these movements will not be so dynamic. In case of recession slows down and the world consumption and the industrial output growth, the dollar will take its position again and will not look like disposable paper.

Otherwise even according to the most pessimistic forecasts for dollar, the USA have their answer (by the way, it is comparable to the appearance of the Euro in the international exchange market arena), this answer is Amero.

Amero is the name of a supposed currency of the North American Union (NAU) that will include The USA, Canada and Mexico. In other words, the question is foundation of a new state similar to The European Union. Conversations regarding this have been carried on since 1999 and insensibly, are going beside approach. Thus, in March 2005 the summit of presidents Bush and Fox and prime-minister Martin took place. There were discussed ideas of the interregional political and economic union forming that will put together The USA, Canada and Mexico in reference to The North American Free Trade Agreement.

In the joint sentiment that was published in follow-up of the summit was manifested about the first step of the alliance’s forming, it was named “The Security And Prosperity Partnership”.

Don’t rush to celebrate the world’s unification. Unfortunately, exactly this union threatens not just with simple financial economic crisis, but with a global economic catastrophe. Almost for every country, except The United States.

Exactly such opinion is expressed by different experts, they confirm it with figures. And what is more, it is affirmed that setting up of The North America Union, dollar’s decline and Amero’s leading in is an “exporting of inflation” in the countries all over the world and “the most smashing strike on the global economy during the whole history of the current civilization existing”.

The article was added by Ekaterina Vydrina,

InstaForex personal clients manager

Exhibition totals

June 23rd, 2009

It is time to sum up the results of InstaForex participation in the exhibition World Forex Expo which took place on June 12-13, 2009 in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). We remind that World Forex Expo is a great event that is held in different countries all over the world with the aim of promotion and developing Forex market services. Moreover it is a great opportunity for participants to meet and share experience, discuss prospects and tendencies of Forex market development and also present some of their services and goods. Exhibition in Kuala Lumpur was attended by several thousands of people from Malaysia and neighboring countries (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.)

Stand of InstaForex Company became one of the most attended at the exhibition. Within the Forex exhibition InstaForex raffled 3 laptops Acer Extensa 7630G which were presented to three accidental customers. However there were much more surprises from InstaForex Company: numerous bonuses are being credited already for the clients who made requests during the Forex Expo.

Visiting Southeastern Asia Company’s management held many meetings concerning InstaForex development in Asian region. Also InstaForex Company organized range of presentations of company’s services to public at large.

InstaForex Company expresses its thanks to World Forex Expo organizers in Kuala-Lumpur and also all guests and partners of the exhibition.

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Added by Ekaterina Abramova,

PR-manager of InstaForex