InstaForex sums up of Grand Dinner 2013 in Kuala Lumpur

December 20th, 2013

On December 7, 2013 Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur hosted InstaForex Grand Dinner 2013, one of the year’s biggest business events.
The gala dinner gathered the gamut of guests, from newcomers to experts at forex trading. The overall number of participants was 750 from 11 Malaysia’s regions. Traditionally, InstaForex provided residents of remote Malaysian areas with free luxury shuttle buses.

The theme of the dinner was Colours of Malaysia and suggested that guests would wear national costumes. They did not fail: wonderful, bright national outfits made the dinner special.
All the guests and participants of InstaForex Grand Dinner 2013 had the chance to share their professional experiences and just spend time in an informal setting of Istana Hotel.


InstaForex Grand Dinner 2013 was an excellent platform for fruitful meetings, communication with investors, fellow traders and the broker’s representatives. It was also a matchless opportunity to extend business contacts and environment.


In addition to the formal part of the event devoted to financial markets, all the guests of InstaForex Grand Dinner 2013 had a nice entertainment with a famous Malaysian singer and magician. The guests of the gala diner could partake in a national costume show and karaoke. What’s more, InstaForex held its prize draw among the event participants. The company raffled iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, iPad mini, Samsung Galaxy tab 2, two plasma TVs as well as trading accounts worth 500$, 1,000$, 2,000$, and the main prize 8,000$. The prize pool totaled $25,000. Also, all the guests were handed sets of InstaForex official promo products.


The grand dinner in Kuala Lumpur was a great success. The guests of the event thanked organizers for a wonderful opportunity to meet and communicate with a lot of people and have a good time during a rich entertainment program. When an official part came to an end, no one wanted to go home. People exchanged contacts, took pictures of them and new friends as well as company representatives.
We look forward to meeting you at upcoming InstaForex events in Kuala Lumpur!


ShowFx World 2013 in Yekaterinburg

November 29th, 2013

On November 16, 2013, another ShowFx World conference took place in Yekaterinburg, one of the largest Russian cities and the center of the Ural Federal District. Yekaterinburg was chosen as a scene of the event due to the fact that it is not just an industrial capital of the country, but also an important financial center of the Eurasian region.  Besides, the city has enormous economic and financial potential.


This time, Atrium Palace Hotel welcomed the conference guests. Year after year, ShowFx World attracts even more guests drawing attention of new participants from all over the world. But one thing remains constant – the major partner of this event is one of the world’s leading brokers, InstaForex. All the participants had the unique opportunity to be involved in the workshops held by InstaForex analysts such as:

1.Victor Pershikov: Trading on Forex Using Fibonacci Retracements

2.Gennadiy Babak: Cutting-edge Technologies for Forex and Stock Market. Golden Foundry of Traders – Software for Proprietary Companies

3.Sergey Belyaev: Basics of Trading Using Candlestick Analysis

4.Artur Uryupin: Fundamentals of Forecasting. Determination of Potential Reversal Zones on Price Charts

5.Timur Nigmatullin: Prospects for EUR/RUB and USD/RUB by late 2013 Based on Fundamental Analysis of Russian Economy

As usual, every participant of the event had a chance to make use of the offers from InstaForex, the key sponsor of ShowFx World, by visiting InstaForex booth. InstaForex raffled three certificates $500 each as well as Apple and Samsung gadgets.


The award ceremony of the fourth annual beauty contest Miss Insta Asia was also held within the conference. The ladies from different countries were competing for the beauty queen crown and title of Miss Insta Asia 2013. Internet users picked six most beautiful and stunning ladies through online voting. The solemn award ceremony was such a highlight of the ShowFx World conference. This year’s beauty queen, Svetlana Vilchinskaya, was awarded with a $20,000 certificate. Dian Kemala from Indonesia, the winner in the Forex Lady nomination, and Svetlana Yegorova, the winner in the Miss Posh nomination, were acknowledged with a $8,000 and $3,000 respectively.


The conference in Yekaterinburg was a great occasion for meeting with colleagues, getting to know the latest trends in the world of trading, attending workshops on up-to-the-minute issues, and asking professionals the questions you are interested in. The fact that the conference was going on in the form of informal conversation is no less important.
InstaForex team would like to thank all the ShowFx World organizers as well as all the participants and guests of the event. Hope to see you soon!

InstaForex keeps abreast of the major events in the world of trading!

Magnus Carlsen is the World Chess Champion!

November 25th, 2013

InstaForex is happy to announce one of the most important events in the world elite sport in the current year; Magnus Carlsen won the undisputed victory in the match for the world chess crown. Magnus Carlsen, the face of InstaForex in 2011-2012, became the new 16th world chess champion after having beaten current world champion Viswanathan Anand in 10 games of the championship duel. The endgame’s score 6.5 – 3.5 proves the convincing victory of the World Champion title contender.


The final battle for the chess crown took place from 9 to 22 November in Anands’ home city in India. Millions of fans around the world were keeping an eye on the champion rivalry. Regarding the duel’s results, a number of prominent chess players and sports reporters rushed to announce that “the Age of Magnus Carlsen” has arrived in the world elite chess. The young Norwegian player was distinguished by the confident and aggressive style. It should be noted that Magnus has become the second youngest World Chess Champion throughout history after Garry Kasparov, the 13th World Champion. So, Magnus Carlsen won the title at the age of 22 years and 357 days.


InstaForex congratulates its good friend Magnus Carlsen, his team, and his fans on the landmark achievement and wishes him to keep the chess crown as long as possible!
InstaForex unites the best!

What does future interest rate bring us?

November 22nd, 2013
A few days ago, the European Central Bank cut its benchmark interest rate to 0.25% from 0.5% that came as a surprise for the majority of analysts and experts, since the conditions for such a decision were too marginal. European-Central-BankFor example, it is moderate inflation, steady industrial production in the Old World, and other indirect signals, which, as a rule, determine future interest rates in the region. However, Mario Draghi and policy makers have agreed to take proactive decisions and not to wait for the mixed Q4 2013 (traditionally a high-growth period) and Q1 2014 (traditionally a low-growth period) indicators released.
What does so unexpected action of the ECB say us? First of all, it is a signal to banks, hedge funds and other financial institutions, which, let’s say, were not hit in the head with a shovel, but at least were given a cuff. It is a signal, in which Mario Draghi put his key idea of the recent years – not to keep money under the pillow of the regulator (the ECB), but invest funds in the real sectors of the economy via the issuance of corporate loans not forgetting the retail segment.
In fact, the European financial institutions have been instructed to invest and len
d money efficiently, which is normal. So far, it is just an order and cuff, not a hit with a shovel and an ultimatum. However, if the European banks will continue to be amorphous under the ECB’s 0.25% hot-water bag, the regulator is understood to cut the key rate to even negative readings in 2014.
The ECB will simply penalize banks for being passive and keeping money
on the regulator’s accounts, not openly of course. Thus, Europe would see an extremely unusual situation when the bank of banks does not simply refuses from its customers (banks), but chases them away. If a negative interest rate is adopted, the euro will decline. This fall won’t be rapid but safe. Every day, the euro will lose 1-2 or even a few basis points, till the time the eurozone economy starts to grow. Only in this case, money taken out of the ECB’s pillow will begin to appreciate. Then the regulator is likely to bring positive rates back. However, we look far out into the future, as obviously it will not happen in the first or the second quarter of 2014. The present situation is that no European bank or fund wants to give anything to anyone.
Mario-Draghi-008Almost all markets show a negative trend. Companies are restructuring and cutting costs. This all leads to the tightening of corporate underwriting, to an increase in the borrowing costs, and to constantly rising funds accumulated on bank accounts as well as
on the regulator’s ones. Thats why, Mario Draghi actions are understood: he wants to inspire the euro area economy. He has already begun to shake the ECB’s tree, but the fruits are falling down reluctantly, so he has taken quite a logical decision ­ to limit watering ­ to lower the key rate. However, it doesn’t guarantee that now money will be poured into the real economy sector. Perhaps, Mario Draghi will have to stop watering the ECB tree at all. We’ll see.
Meanwhile, the euro is advancing, and the European economy is worsening, while the U.S. economy, having spurred the greenback, is demonstrating stable development. As we know, money always goes to a better place. Maybe the ECB is the bank of banks, but its basic role is to develop and strengthen the European economy; it shouldn’t watch passively how the U.S. increases its export. Apparently, the EU struggle against the trade deficit is a hidden reason for the rate cut in Europe.

InstaForex – a sponsor of motor festival BimmerFest’13

November 12th, 2013

From October 12 till 13, a regular festival BimmerFest 2013 took place at the foot of fabulous temple Prambanan located in Central Java, Indonesia. This event gathered BMW fans from across the country and featured InstaForex and its regional Indonesia’s office in Surakarta as sponsors of BimmerFest 2013. Over 500 cars took part in the festival. 26 of them painted with InstaForex corporate look drove up Prambanan temple from Surakarta.


BimmerFest 2013 was held under the motto: “Legend goes on” which does not only suit the remarkable Bavarian car brand and majestic temple, but it also conveys InstaForex approach to running and developing its business. To become a legend on their particular markets, both BMW and InstaForex had to be in step with the time. Besides, they had to suggest something advanced, extraordinary, and unrivalled. Once, it was InstaForex who offered its clients to trade on live MT5 accounts, implemented inventive and absolutely groundbreaking PAMM system, and ForexCopy system that has become a true hot seller among Forex services.


However, apart from the unique business approach, InstaForex also means a life-style. Some time ago, our campaign Trading on top gained the unprecedented popularity when two of InstaForex staffers had set the world record for the topmost trading. This campaign prompted lots of journeys around the world. Let us remind you of a pilgrimage carried out by a company’s partner to the Mayan temple Tikal  in the legendary Mutul kingdom’s capital. Financial backing of BimmerFest 2013 is another step forward for InstaForex.


InstaForex is the legend that gets real!

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