In tour with Liverpool FC or summit for partners 2015

August 14th, 2015

For several years, we have been gathering key partners from Malaysia (in Singapore, by the way) and holding a summit. You ask, why? Let’s say, it is quite important to have good relations with partners on Forex. Of course, there is e-mail, skype, and video conferences, but live communication is still significant in the 21st century.

Every time, summits were carried out in a friendly but business atmosphere. However, they lacked something – until we became partners of Liverpool FC. We are not just partners but sponsors of the tour that was finished in Malaysia thanks to its wide popularity in the country. At first, there was a summit and a football game, and then we decided to combine! What is more, strangely enough, the summit for Malaysian partners took place in Malaysia for the first time.

We spent three days in Malaysia and two days, for the way there and back again. At 08:00 a.m. July 22, we arrived in Kuala Lumpur and immediately started working according to our extremely tight schedule and fighting with jet lag. Almost in an hour, we were already completing final arrangements. Then we headed towards hospitable hotel Saujana where our summit was held and the Liverpool team stayed. But the summit was to begin only the next day and we went making a commercial clip at first. Our clip’s stars Simon Mignolet, one of the world’s famous goalkeepers, and talented Portuguese Joao Teixeira dealt with their parts very well. The videos are still in progress but we can unveil that one of them is devoted to another grand occasion in Malaysia featuring Liverpool FC as well.

Next day, the main event – the summit – began. After a short speech, InstaForex Development Director Pavel Shkapenko didn’t hurry to leave the stage as he had to play an unusual for him role of a moderator for the speech of Liverpool FC legend Robbie Fowler!

You wonder how did he get into the financial summit? We have been working in sports marketing for 5 years and we understand how much we can learn from famous sportsmen. Robbie preferred an interactive lecture to a boring speech and for 50 minutes was answering various questions of the guests who wanted to know his secret of success. He coped with this ‘interrogation’ greatly and then took part in a massive photo shoot.

After it, Robbie left the conference and we got back to work…

And work…

And even more work!

In the last photo you can see that it was not easy to keep up such a pace, but we were ready for it. Thus, combining business and pleasure, we went to an open training of Liverpool FC. Moreover, we organized a competition and four winners took part in the photo session with the first-string squad.

The great four also went to a football match in a company of the team and police escort. Other participants, including the Russian staff, got stuck in a severe traffic jam.

The training was a real performance. In fact, it was a mini-match (with a 30-minute times) between the Liverpool and Malaysian Super League teams. It is said that games between strong and weak teams are the best for young footballers to learn from.  It was a match of this kind: the Liverpool team scored as many goals as they liked and the final score was 7:00.

The first part of the second and last day was devoted to business while the afternoon consisted of a festive cocktail party and a game between Liverpool FC and Malaysia’s team. It was difficult to decide which team to support: all summit participants supported both their compatriots and the Reds.

That is why they tied: the fast goal scored by the Malays was returned by a brilliant Adam Lallana’s goal. In fact, we did not have enough time to watch the game up to the end as we had to go the airport. This was the only disadvantage of our trip.

The business part of the summit gave us a whole myriad of business ideas which we have already started to put into action with our Malaysian colleagues. At the same time, all evening events were also very impressive. Any business is based on both products and shared emotions.  At the summit, each of us experienced overwhelming feelings.

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Congratulations on the end of the holy month of Ramadan!

July 17th, 2015

InstaForex congratulates all the Muslims on the end of the blessed month of Ramadan. We hope that all your prayers and wishes have been heard, that you have discovered inner balance and harmony within you, and strengthened your faith.
InstaForex wishes you glory, sympathy and understanding not only during the holy month but in your whole journey through life. May your homes be filled with love and peace.
We sincerely congratulate you!

InstaForex – official partner of Dragon Raсing

July 13th, 2015

InstaForex – official partner of Dragon Raсing
In summer 2015, InstaForex became the official partner of the Dragon Racing Team – one of the leaders in the FIA Formula E Championship, a global auto racing series for electric vehicles.
Formula E is the latest development in motor sports which embodies progress, cutting-edge technologies and eco-friendly approach. Futuristic design and electric motors reflect the contemporary vision of car racing and make the future possible today.
These qualities of Formula-E have attracted the attention of InstaForex which has been a technological pioneer from the moment of its establishment, introducing innovations and new developments in the brokerage market.
That is the main reason why InstaForex has chosen to cooperate with the young and ambitious Dragon Racing Team. In May 2007, the team made its debut in the IndyCar series, the most prestigious auto racing championship in the US. In 2014, Jay Penske, a media entrepreneur and the founder of Dragon Racing, decided to focus on Formula E. The team’s first big success came with the first racing season and Jerome D’Ambrosio’s victory in Berlin. Only two weeks later, the car running InstaForex branding took part in the Formula E Moscow debut.
The partnership with Dragon Racing continues the tradition that started in 2011 when the company became the title sponsor of InstaForex Loprais Team, the participant of the international Dakar Rally and winner of the Silk Way Rally 2011. In 2013, InstaForex became the official partner of Marussia F1 Team, the participant of the elite Formula 1 racing series. Cooperation with Dragon Racing is the logical continuation of the previous course.

Roman Cepelev, the Strategic Development Director at InstaForex:
“The whole concept of electric car racing gives a vision of the future of this industry. InstaForex has always used the latest technologies and has always been among the pioneers, just like Dragon Racing. Therefore we believe this partnership will provide the right synergy for both parties”

About Dragon Racing Team:

Dragon Racing was founded by top managers of Seagate Technologies in 2006. The team began its racing career as Luczo Dragon Racing. In 2009, the team completed its first season in the IndyCar series winning the Rookie of the year award.
Among other strategic partners of the Dragon Racing Team there were at different times McAfee, Microsoft, TrueCar and Chevrolet. The team is headquartered in Los Angeles while its facilities are based in the Donington Park Racing Circuit, UK.

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New team, new truck and new route of DAKAR 2016

April 22nd, 2015

On April 8th two famous dakar names LOPRAIS and DEROOY presented their joint venture at the press conference in Prague for upcoming DAKAR 2016. After the press ceremony team finished the preparation of 3 racing and 3 assistance trucks heading to the 10 days test session to Africa. In the extreme conditions of Sahara desert all the crew will test the new changes on the trucks including physical training and navigation.
“I am really looking forward to the new concept and datas from the test session of the new Torpedo. I have many experiences with previous bonnet trucks from our garage but never together with the rigid axle. I will be step by step learning and understanding the new truck. Except of the technic we will also test the whole crew in the racing condition” said Ales Loprais.
“I am very happy that after the absence of beautiful terrains in Chile the organizators add Peru district again which sandy areas are excellent and this will make the rally tough” said Ales Loprais.

Presentation of the new truck
3D layout of IVECO Torpedo 69 for DAKAR 2016:

See the new truck of Ales Loprais for DAKAR 2016 in 3Dimension Video:

YouTube Direkt

Events schedule:
Except of african test session on April Ales will also start the race preparation on May in the desert of UAE.
On October 2015 the whole team will participate the RALLY OIL LIBIYA in Morocco followed by the dutch dakar pre-prolog in Valkenswaard on November.
The final event will be coming DAKAR 2016 which route was presented yesterday at the press conference in Paris.

The new route of DAKAR 2016:
Start: January 3rd in Lima (Peru)
Finish: January 16th in Rosario (Argentina)

InstaForex is a sponsor of Forex Affiliate Conference

March 25th, 2015

The modern economy is often called postindustrial. Simply put, it is a type of an economy based on innovations. Over the past 10 years, all industrial giants have slimmed down the workforce not only due to shakeouts, but also because of stable technological progress. On the contrary, number of job places from programmers to marketers in online business increased severalfold. These are results of a postindustrial economy.


The key to success is investing in education and broadening of experience. So various educational events geared towards boosting of awareness of people involved in business are crucial. InstaForex finds this approach interesting. That is why our company has become a platinum sponsor of Forex Affiliate Conference, the first conference on affiliate marketing in CIS countries. It took place in March 2015 in Ukraine’s Kiev. All visitors of the event made a really worthwhile investment coming there.

Affiliate marketing is not a breeze. You need to know what’s what in the industry having expertise in SEO and SMM, content marketing, payment systems, etc. Of course, it is a challenge to cover all these issues in one day, but star­studded speakers made that possible.

There was a definite buzz about the report of Natalia Yakunina, the head of Ukrainian VKontakte. She told about nuances of target advertising. Ran Cohen, CEO of Fx­Leads Ltd, was also very impressive with his report on how to bump up returns on investment in advertising campaigns on Forex. Alice Kirichok, head of Unisender email consulting department, spoke about effective use of mailing lists. Of course, the presentation of our speakers Sergey Aleksandrov and Pavel Shkapenko telling about how affiliates with experience in other spheres of online business can take their first forex market steps was also in the spotlight.

Investing in the knowledge economy has been a priority for InstaForex from the outset. That is why we are always on the lookout for improving our professional level and take part in various educational events throughout the world.