Contest Winners

We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

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Hyna Mae Briones "InstaForex Sniper" (09/05/2016 – 09/10/2016), 4th prize gainer
My aim was to win the grand prize, but it seems that my competitors were doing their best to win too. It was a tough contest, but also full of valuable lessons to learn.
Aleksandr Korotin "InstaForex Sniper" (10/10/2016 – 10/15/2016), 1st prize gainer
InstaForex is an excellent forex broker. One of the biggest advantages of this contest is that you can start trading without any money. I would recommend it to beginners. Participation in the competition is the best way to test your skills!
Viktor Savulyak "InstaForex Sniper" (09/05/2016 – 09/10/2016), 5th prize gainer
Pleasant cooperation with InstaForex allows not only to make money risking your own funds, but also participate in contest on demo accounts and get real prizes for that.
Vladimir Kurilenko "InstaForex Sniper" (09/12/2016 – 09/17/2016), 2nd prize gainer
Good luck in trading on Forex!
Anna Mylnikova "InstaForex Sniper" (09/26/2016 – 10/01/2016), 1st prize gainer
Thank you for this contest. It is very difficult to live on nothing more than a pension, but thanks to InstaForex, I have an opportunity to fulfill my dreams.
Mohamed Sliem "InstaForex Sniper" (10/03/2016 – 10/08/2016), 2nd prize gainer
Thanks InstaForex! And thanks to those who are in charge of the contests. Transparency and credibility are the most important things for traders. Thank you very much!
Natalia Kortak "InstaForex Sniper" (10/10/2016 – 10/15/2016), 2nd prize gainer
My deepest gratitude to InstaForex for such a broad variety of contests! I like participation in such events and more importantly I like winning.
Titus Clement Kantiok "One Million Option"(10/03/2016 – 10/08/2016), 3rd prize gainer
Just like Michael “Eddie the Eagle” Edwards, a British skier who became the first competitor to represent Great Britain in Olympic ski jumping, I, Titus Clement “Chetwaves” Kantiok of Kafanchan, Kaduna state, Nigeria, became the first Nigerian trader who came third in the One Million Option trading contest. I was very pleased when the contest organizers contacted me via my e-mail congratulating me on the prize and explaining the steps that I need to follow to transfer the prize money to my live trading account. I want to address all traders who did not believe in this: join in the next contest as soon as you can. It can give you the opportunity just like it happened with me. Thank you for the CONTEST OF ALL TIME!
João Mesquita "One Million Option"(10/10/2016 – 10/15/2016), 2nd prize gainer
I want to share my experience of participation in the contest. It is the second time I won a prize in the One Million Option contest. As always it was really hard to stay on the second place at the end of the contest. I want to thank you InstaForex for giving all the traders in the world an opportunity to win real prizes and start career in the forex market.
Anton Khudyakov "One Million Option" (10/10/2016 – 10/15/2016), 3rd prize gainer
I’m very pleased and honored to be among the best who traded options in this contest. It’s very interesting! When I have time, I always participate in such events to gain more experience. And the prize is like a pleasant addition. I promise I’ll try to show a decent performance trading on the prize money.
Rahmatjon Ibragimov "One Million Option" (09/26/2016 – 10/01/2016), 3rd prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for organization of this magnificent One Million Option contest. And special thanks to InstaForex staff members. The trading conditions are perfect. I recommend all beginners to take part in this contest. I hope, everything here is fair!
Adekunle Bodunde Adewumi "InstaForex Real Scalping" (05/09/2016 – 10/01/2016), 6th prize gainer
Thanks! My InstaForex account continues to grow to great heights.
K M Safaytul Islam "InstaForex Real Scalping" (05/09/2016 – 10/01/2016), 4th prize gainer
I am very happy to be an InstaForex contest winner. Thank you InstaForex.
Florin Adrian Bacria "InstaForex Real Scalping" (01/05/2016 – 10/01/2016), 2nd prize gainer
I enjoy participation in the InstaForex contests very much. I hope to win again and again in the future and become a better trader in the process. Wish good luck to all the contestants. As for the InstaForex team, keep up the good work, guys. I really appreciate the competition :-) Thanks!
Aleksey Golomonov "Chancy Deposit" (03/10/2016 – 09/10/2016)
Thanks, InstaForex!
João Mesquita "One Million Option" (07/11/2016 – 07/16/2016), 5th prize gainer
Once again I won the One Million Option contest. It was hard to get the prize. I want to thank you InstaForex to give all the people worldwide who have passion about this market the opportunity to win real prizes and give the chance to start one possible career in Forex.
Vyacheslav Purgin "One Million Option" (07/11/2016 – 07/16/2016), 3rd prize gainer
This is one of the most interesting contests, but one should take the market seriously.
Senad Neradin "One Million Option" (07/18/2016 – 07/23/2016), 1st prize gainer
I am a long time again won the lovely cash prize along with InstaForex. It`s just come to does not need to lose hope, that we must fight, try and be patient, and award will come one day. I can say that it is much more enjoyable to continue to trade on the InstaForex when we get the chance to fight for the first few places, in addition to the hundreds or thousands of competitors. Thank InstaForex, shiny you, all praise for you and your extremely high transparency in the evaluation of the winner. I look forward to new successes together with you.
Artak Shakhnazaryan "One Million Option" (07/18/2016 – 07/23/2016), 4th prize gainer
Thank you very much, InstaForex. I recommend all traders to seize a real chance and trade and earn with InstaForex without investing their own money. Thanks InstaForex, an honest broker.
Artur Ilyin "One Million Option" (07/25/2016 – 07/30/2016), 4th prize gainer
Thank you for interesting and captivating contests! It’s my second time taking a prize place in the One Million Option contest. The contest is simple. Everything is honest and transparent. Thanks once again!
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