Contest Winners

We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

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Andrey Starostin "InstaForex Sniper" (12/12/2016 – 12/17/2016), 4th prize gainer
I’m glad that I was among the best in this contest. I had a long path to go before I scored a victory. There is a huge range of contests with InstaForex to choose from. Let me wish all participants not to give up and strive for prizes. I’d like to express my gratitude to InstaForex as the company gives a chance to every trader who is eager to embark on Forex.
Arwin Halim "InstaForex Sniper" (11/28/2016 – 12/03/2016), 2nd prize gainer
It is an exciting contest that spurred me to continue to strive for victory.
Igor Stulikov "InstaForex Sniper" (12/19/2016 – 12/24/2016), 1st prize gainer
I want to thank InstaForex for captivating contests. I wish the company prosperity and further development.
Igor Nikolenko "InstaForex Sniper" (12/19/2016 – 12/24/2016), 2nd prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for a decent gift!
Hafiz Azhari "InstaForex Sniper" (12/26/2016 – 12/31/2016), 1st prize gainer
Thanks InstaForex for giving me the opportunity to win some of the prizes 1500usd each week. Now, I have won the first place and got 500usd. I feel very proud. I hope this contest will not be stopped.
Vladimir Nikitin "InstaForex Sniper" (12/26/2016 – 12/31/2016), 3rd prize gainer
Thanks to InstaForex for this great opportunity to participate in contests. Early this year I won a one-day contest and received the prize. And now, on the New Year’s Eve, I hit the jackpot again - I took the first prize in a weekly contest. I can say only good words about InstaForex.
Tatiana Zys "InstaForex Sniper" (12/19/2016 – 12/24/2016), 5th prize gainer
There are plenty of winning place in the contests held by InstaForex, so I often take a prize. Thanks a lot for another lucky chance!
Alexander Andreev "InstaForex Sniper" (12/26/2016 – 12/31/2016), 4th prize gainer
I’d like to thank InstaForex for organizing multiple contest on Forex. I like the Sniper contest most of all. It is not too long, but all the same you have enough time. The competition is heavy. Participating in this contest, you can practice various strategies.
Victor Savulyak "InstaForex Sniper" (01/01/2016 – 01/07/2016), 2nd prize gainer
It’s not the first time when I win a contest, but still I understand that I need to expand my knowledge and experience. The best way to develop is to participate in contests held by InstaForex, as you risk nothing.
Igor Turco "InstaForex Sniper" (01/01/2016 – 01/07/2016), 1st prize gainer
I made a profit over 400 pips for a week. It was hard to take the lead, as I had no room for mistakes. I know the market, but the good luck favored me as well, so I won. Many thanks to InstaForex for this great opportunity.
Sergey Molozhon "InstaForex Sniper" (01/01/2016 – 01/07/2016), 3rd prize gainer
I’m endlessly grateful to InstaForex for such great contests. I put a lot of effort to succeed.
Hilal Xananayev "InstaForex Sniper" (01/09/2016 – 14/01/2016), 5th prize gainer
I have already commented on your contests. Nothing to add - everything is transparent. The organization is great.
Sergey Shevchenko "Great Race InstaForex" (09/19/2016 – 10/21/2016), 2nd prize gainer
I became a client of InstaForex 8 years ago and I haven’t found better conditions and services so far. You are best! Thank you!
Qiang Fang "Great Race InstaForex" (09/19/2016 – 10/19/2016), 10th prize gainer
The Great Race contest by InstaForex is wonderful!  Even though it is not easy, you can get great fun from trading. Enjoy it!
Zainab Erena "Great Race InstaForex" (09/19/2016 – 10/19/2016), 4th prize gainer
This contest was wonderful, thank u InstaForex!
Sergey Avdeev "Great Race InstaForex" (09/19/2016 – 19/10/2016), 5th prize gainer
Each of us surfs the Internet in hope to find a broker which offers worthy contests. But every time we get disappointed as most of the contests are nothing but a lure for beginners. Reading rules of some contest more attentively, you understand that there are certain requirements such as to open a live account and replenish it at first. Or it turns out that the received profit can be withdraw only if you make a deposit. So, such contests are hardly interesting. On the other hand, contests held by InstaForex give you a real chance to challenge your trading skills. Besides, the prize pool is enormous. The only requirement is to be smart enough and prove that you are the best. Trade, compete, and win! Rules and conditions of contests are transparent, awards are big enough. I’d like to thank InstaForex for such a great opportunity!
Hyna Mae Gil Briones "Great Race InstaForex" (09/19/2016 – 19/10/2016), 6th prize gainer
The contest was very nerve-breaking but it really enhanced my skills of waiting for the right pattern to enter and exit. After all, forex is a waiting game and InstaForex gives the right place to test my patience.
Valery Zhdanov "Great Race InstaForex" (19/09/2016 – 19/10/2016), 9th prize gainer
It’s not the first time when I participate in contests held by InstaForex, and it’s not the first time when I win a prize place. Thanks to InstaForex for transparent and fair contests. Good luck to everyone!
Govind Sharma "Great Race InstaForex" (11/21/2016 – 12/23/2016), 10th prize gainer
I want to thank InstaForex for this sort of contest and clarity in the result checking. Keep it up guys! I wish success to your company n for myself as well :).
Sergey Avdeev "Great Race InstaForex" (11/21/2016 – 12/23/2016), 6th prize gainer
As the saying goes, smart people are rarely poor. This statement can be confirmed by contests at InstaForex which require nothing but thinking mind and a bit of luck. If you prove to be the best trader in a fair and uncompromising competition, then you’ll get a really valuable prize. Let me express deep gratitude to InstaForex staff for this great chance.
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