Contest Winners

We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

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Glendo Degumbis "FX-1 Rally" (09/08/2017 – 09/09/2017) - 1st prize gainer
InstaForex gives fair and exciting contest. I never thought being included in the winners would be possible. I just give my best judgement with lots of patience.
Alexandr Kunitsyn "FX-1 Rally" (08/25/2017 – 08/26/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
I’m really grateful to InstaForex for a great opportunity to participate in FX-1 Rally. This is like an exciting exam, challenging your abilities, patience and endurance, though I lacked a bit of it in the end. So, there’s still room for improvement. But the result is already encouraging. I want to admit, and I’m sure many would agree with me, that this is perhaps the only company that makes it possible to have a good start. I would call it a charity. Many thanks to the company’s management for their great job. I with them further successful development and prosperity.
Andrey Sviridov "FX-1 Rally" (08/25/2017 – 08/26/2017) - 4th prize gainer
I participated in many contests but yours is one of the most complicated as there are few winning places and fierce competition owing to the contest’s high popularity and hefty prizes. However, I managed to make it into the top 5, so I want to thank InstaForex for this great opportunity. Your contests really help traders to master their skills.
Asif Roiesh “FX-1 Rally” (08/18/2017-08/19/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
InstaForex is the best company all over the world with its wide range of instruments. They have best contests for taking live credit opportunity. You can challenge here and find how you can win in forex market among thousand of traders and to apply your skills. Being the top of thousand of traders encourages you to take another new steps in trading and further success of financial freedom. Special thanks for the InstaForex contests department for their honest and accurate checking.
Sergey Avdeev “FX-1 Rally” (08/18/2017-08/19/2017) - 5th prize gainer
I have known for a long time that InstaForex holds contests. But frankly speaking, at first I was quite skeptical about them and did not take part. You can guess why: we are fed up with various contests and prize draws. That is because we usually pay attention to a word prize not a word draw. However, after participating in one of InstaForex contests I understood that I was wrong. The rules of InstaForex contests are clear and easy-to-understand. The conditions are transparent – there are no cases in small print. Now I try to participate in all contests held by the company because this is a great opportunity to learn how to work on Forex. And what is important, the contests help to learn how to trade properly without placing too big orders that is typical of most newbies. Many thanks to InstaForex!
Igor Ramchenkov “FX-1 Rally” (08/11/2017-08/12/2017) - 5th prize gainer
Thanks to InstaForex! FX-1 Rally is a perfect end of a trading week.
Kasri Anouar “FX-1 Rally” (07/14/2017-07/15/2017) - 4th prize gainer
The contest is honest .Thank you for the chance to earn the initial deposit for live trading. It’s not my first victory and I hope not the last one.
Igor Nikolenko “FX-1 Rally” (07/07/2017-07/08/2017) - 5th prize gainer
I’d like to thank InstaForex for fascinating contests.
Vladimir Kurilenko "One Million Option" (09/11/2017 – 09/16/2017) - 1st prize gainer
Many thanks to your company for such a great variety of contests. One of them, One Million Option, is the most unusual. I wish good luck and hefty profits to all of you.
Vladimir Melestean "One Million Option" (08/28/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 1st prize gainer
InstaForex, thank you! Your contests can suit any taste. This is a real chance to polish skills and get new knowledge. On September 2, 2017 I won One Million Option contest and came third in FX-1 Rally. I’m really glad for myself and for my opponents who also took prize places. Mr. Soros, I hope to meet you in the future – this is the opportunity that has been given to us by InstaForex.
Alexandr Potapov "One Million Option" (08/28/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 4th prize gainer
I have been participating in InstaForex contests for long time. Based on the results of One Million Option contest, I took the first place and received prize money on my account. Now I’m trying to make profits in order to withdraw them which is allowed by the contest rules. I’d like to thank the administration of the contest and InstaForex for help, support and an opportunity for beginners to earn real money and get experience on Forex.
Andrey Ostapenko "One Million Option" (08/21/2017 – 08/26/2017) - 1st prize gainer
You have a great company and your contests are great. I hope for further beneficial cooperation and plan to take part in your awesome contests again and again.
Titus Kantiok "One Million Option" (08/21/2017 – 08/26/2017) - 2nd prize gainer
This is the most realistic trading contest that gives us the opportunity to trade and possibly win a stake to invest and to make a career in trading. Great job, InstaForex!
Kehinde Osonaike "One Million Option" (07/24/2017 – 07/29/2017) - 1st prize gainer
InstaForex contests are real and the prize funds are also real. The results of the participants are displayed for all to see during the contests and this speaks about the honesty of the Company (InstaForex). I thank the InstaForex management for the opportunity of participating in this contest.
Alexandr Letunov "One Million Option" (07/24/2017 – 07/29/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
I’ve been trading on Forex for over five years. Since 2016 I’ve been working with your company and participating in various contests. One Million Option contest provides a real chance to get initial capital to continue working on Forex. The contest does not require active participation as you can set an option terms beforehand and take part in other InstaForex contests with no distraction. I like this contest as it suits me perfectly. I’ve won it for the second time already but I’m equally glad about that. I hope to take prize places in future. I’d like to thank the administration of the contest and wish all participants profitable trading. It’s a real pleasure for me to win this contest and I hope for further beneficial cooperation and real profit every day.
Vitaliy Obukhov "One Million Option" (07/24/2017 – 07/29/2017) - 4th prize gainer
It’s the most interesting InstaForex contest. In this contest, one can learn how to trade options and how to trade accurately in general. Besides, thanks to the contest, you can start a live account.
Vaqif Shahyarov "One Million Option" (07/10/2017 – 07/15/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
I like InstaForex contests. I always take part in them. The third place is a good result for me. InstaForex contests give an opportunity to earn initial deposit for trading. I want to thank InstaForex for amazing contests.
Vasiliy Sobolevskiy "Lucky Trader" (09/04/2017 – 09/16/2017) - 1st prize gainer
I’m very pleased about my victory in difficult Lucky Trader contest. Besides, I managed to try out fast withdrawal of the money I made from the prize funds. The withdrawal is really quick! Open an account with InstaForex!!! Participate in contests! Trade on bonus and your own funds! Withdraw funds you earn without any problems!!!
Vladimir Shabrat "Lucky Trader" (08/21/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 1st prize gainer
For five years of cooperation with your company, I’ve never had any negative experiences! You give people great opportunities (contests every contest is another step in your development and understanding of forex market!). InstaForex, you bring only positive emotions and amazing opportunities! Keep on doing it! You’re the best!
Dejan Kostovski "Lucky Trader" (08/21/2017 – 09/02/2017) - 3rd prize gainer
I’ve been trading with InstaForex for some time and I have positive impressions about it. InstaForex is an honest and transparent broker. I always enjoy participating in the contests by InstaForex. It was hard, but I’m glad that I succeeded in such a competition. Each type of contests offered by InstaForex is unique and gives you different experience. Thank you very much for interesting contests!
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