Reviews of winners

We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

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Osama Mousa "One Million Option" (01/11/2016 – 01/16/2016), 5th prize gainer
Day after day InstaForex proves to be a very honest broker and a very good contests organizer. I can say really they are number one in the world of forex. Thank you very much and hope you keep growing.
Vladimir Kurilenko "One Million Option" (01/18/2016 – 01/23/2016), 5th prize gainer
Thanks a lot to InstaForex for the contests where you can earn the initial capital without risking real money and practice the forex market analysis.
Om Prakash Choudhary "One Million Option" (02/15/2016 – 02/20/2016), 1st prize gainer
Thank You So Much InstaForex, it’s a very good opportunity for us to trade on a real account without any risk, great job by InstaForex & their team.
Nadya Savochkina "One Million Option" (02/23/2016 – 02/27/2016), 1st prize gainer
It is a great contest, among the most interesting ones.
Vladimir Shchur "One Million Option" (03/14/2016 – 03/19/2016), 1st prize gainer
I was pleased to hear the good news, thank you so much. I would also like to tell a few kind words about your company. Unfortunately, people don’t mind wasting their time to complain and criticize something they don’t like. But at the same time, they don’t spare time to appreciate good work, which is always supposed to be done well. I’ve been working with your company since 2007, if I’m not mistaken, and have been trading on Forex since 2001. I tried working with different companies which are now left in the past. Your company is one of the few that is proven over time. I take part in many contests on various websites and I can really say that InstaForex has the best contests. I prefer One Million Option, that’s the one I happened to win. In this contest, everything depends on a participant and his or her luck. Moreover, your company has the best bonus program, as for me. It’s not just about the amount of bonuses, but also the way they are granted and can be used. Once again thanks for your congratulations. I wish you successful work and prosperity and I also wish health, wellbeing, and good luck to your team. Yours truly, Vladimir Shchur, Odessa
Khayrudi Kherikhanov "One Million Option" (01/04/2016 – 01/09/2016), 5th prize gainer
The One Million Option contest from InstaForex is one of my favorites. In addition to a chance of becoming a prizewinner, you have an opportunity to practice your skills in option trading competing with other participants. Thanks to InstaForex for such an interesting contest!
Kehinde Osonaike "One Million Option" (03/07/2016 – 03/12/2016), 4th prize gainer
The contest is quite competitive and exciting especially during the last few hours to the end of the contest. I thank the InstaForex management for the opportunity to participate  in the contest.
Mikalai Laurynovich "One Million Option" (03/14/2016 – 03/19/2016), 2nd prize gainer
Once again I came in top three. I’d like to thank InstaForex for running such contests. Thus you give participants an opportunity to compete for a winning place and show their skills. At the same time, you pay for that! Keep it up! Good luck and great prosperity to your company. You’re best of the best! We appreciate your work.
Igor Stepanov "One Million Option" (02/01/2016 – 02/06/2016), 3rd prize gainer
Thanks to InstaForex for a fair and transparent contest and for one more opportunity to trade on a live account without using your own money. I’m pleased to be among the winners. Thanks to the company for an interesting contest and the prize.
Vitaliy Obukhov "One Million Option" (02/29/2016 – 03/05/2016), 1st prize gainer
This is the most interesting InstaForex contest. You have to be patient in order to win. And you’d better not open all options at once.
Vladimir Nikitin "FX-1 Rally" (02/19/2016 – 02/20/2016) – 1st prize gainer
I thank InstaForex for the provided contests! I’ve participated several times and this time I’ve snatched a victory in FX-1 Rally.  But I’ve only begun. I’ll keep on competing in InstaForex contests. Currently, I’m taking part in two other contests. I wish other traders luck. Be sure, a victory will find you one day. Only those fail who do nothing!
Veronika Katonova "FX-1 Rally" (02/12/2016 – 02/13/2016) – 5th prize gainer
Your trading contests are excellent. They give me much more than trading on a demo account. I am very satisfied with your company. I compete regularly and it helped me a lot. I wish luck to all traders especially from the FX-1 Rally contest. I wish excellent InstaForex company many satisfied customers.
Vadim Galinzovskiy "FX-1 Rally" (02/12/2016 – 02/13/2016) – 2nd prize gainer
FX-1 Rally is an amazing competition with a twist and interesting terms. There are always some serious opponents and it is really hard to get a prize place, you should try hard. Actually, the whole series of InstaForex contests is a unique phenomenon in the Forex world besides an excellent opportunity to earn a deposit and think you strategies over. Thank you for your work.
Anton Vasiliev "FX-1 Rally" (02/12/2016 – 02/13/2016) – 3rd prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex, for such a cool contest! I’m very glad about my 3rd place. It was very interesting and thrilling to participate in the FX-1 Rally InstaForex contest. During a single day you should show the maximum result. The contest has five prize places with the first one winning $1,000. I think everyone should try this competition out and do their best. The company is nice and has various contests as well as a great forum where you can learn the basics of Forex and how to trade.
Nikolay Tverdokhleb "FX-1 Rally" (02/05/2016 – 02/06/2016) – 1st prize gainer
I enjoyed the contest a lot and the 1st place in particular, and I wish that everyone  experience such positive emotions. I want to thank InstaForex for offered opportunities and contests for traders. InstaForex is No 1 in providing trading competitions. Rookies, fret not: InstaForex does deposit prize money and does not provide any assumed names as winners. I wish everyone to keep their spirits up and remember: “Your crushing toil and lofty thought shall not be wasted - do not fear it.” Good luck in trading!
João Mesquita "FX-1 Rally" (03/18/2016 – 03/q9/2016) – 3rd prize gainer
This is my first victory in the FX-1 Rally contest!! I'm glad of course. It was not easy.  I want to thank InstaForex for giving all the people worldwide who have passion for this market the opportunity to win real prizes and the chance to start a real career on Forex.
Aleksandr Borisov "FX-1 Rally" (03/18/2016 – 03/19/2016) – 2nd prize gainer
Hello! Thank you very much, InstaForex, for brilliant contests. They allow traders not only to gain experience but also win real money. I wish you prosperity and hope for further cooperation!
Aleksandr Stegaylov "FX-1 Rally" (03/04/2016 – 03/05/2016) – 5th prize gainer
It’s the second time I took a prize place in the FX-1 Rally InstaForex contest. Still, I haven’t reached the first place yet, but I will keep on trying!
Vitaliy Obukhov "FX-1 Rally" (02/26/2016 – 02/27/2016) – 4th prize gainer
Thank you, InstaForex!
Igor Nikolenko "FX-1 Rally" (03/25/2016 – 03/26/2016) – 1st prize gainer
HURRAY!!! Thank you, InstaForex, for interesting contests!
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