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Contest Winners

We should know our champions by sight! InstaForex Company starts publishing pictures of the best traders who succeeded to win our contests. Also our winners express their opinions regarding InstaForex contests and campaigns.

Vladislav Dobrovolski”Real Scalping” (02/04/2013-02/23/2013), 4th place gainer

I am happy to be among the prize winners of the contests organized by InstaForex. I did not think I could win. Now I will be trying to get the 1st place in Real Scalping.

Oleg Vyisochanskiy “InstaForex Sniper” (02/04/2013–02/09/2013), 2nd place gainer

Thank you, InstaForex, for the best contests on the internet!!! I am happy to be the lucky winner again!!

Sergei Nechaev “InstaForex Sniper” (01/28/2013–02/02/2013), 4th place gainer

I was pleasantly surprised to find my name among the prize winners. I would like to thank InstaForex for honest judging.

Sergei Rastorguev “InstaForex Sniper” (02/04/2013 – 02/09/2013), 4th place gainer

It is good when there are contests that teach can you trading without any losses. Moreover, it is possible to get a prize. I am a regular participant. Honestly, I did not expect to win. Thank you very much. I will be your loyal customer.

Lupu Gheorghe Ion “Lucky Trader” (01/14/2013 – 01/26/2013), 1st place gainer

I have already tried my hand in the contests and now the Lady Luck together with experience have hatched a pleasant surprise.

Dmitriy Aleksandrovich “Lucky Trader” (12/31/2013 – 01/12/2013), 1st place gainer

Thanks, InstaForex, for such a pleasant contest and it is even more exciting to win it!! I wish InstaForex success and wealth!

Viktor Panteleev “Lucky Trader” (02/13/2013 – 02/15/2013), 2nd place gainer

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers of Lucky Trader contest. It is rather interesting and exciting contest which requires good skills and knowledge of Forex.

Khaikin Yuriy “Lucky Trader” (01/14/2013 – 01/26/2013), 5th place gainer

I have participated in the contest with great pleasure! The fight was tough and the better I was pleased to be among the prize winners.

Ibnu Saptopo “Lucky Trader” (02/10/2013 – 02/22/2013), 5th place gainer

InstaForex provides best terms of trade. I never thought that I would win this contest, and I will never give up learning about Forex trading. InstaForex is the best to start trading with. InstaForex, thank you so much! Hope the company will be even more successful and always be on top!

Bashir Rahmatulla Shiekh “Lucky Trader” (01/29/2013 – 02/09/2013), 7th place gainer

I want to thank InstaForex for all the contests, the award is a strong incentive for me to start real money trading. I’m very happy that I was one of the prize winners. Thanks, InstaForex.

Bagoes Al Idris “Lucky Trader” (01/14/2013 – 01/26/2013), 8th place gainer

I have participated in the InstaForex contests before, and this time the luck was by my side. For me InstaForex is always number 1.

Viktor Pulyaev “Rally Fx-1″ (02/01/2013–02/02/2013), 1st place gainer

I would like to thank InstaForex for an attractive idea of FX-1 Rally daily contest and for the competent judgment. Your contests are the best education for traders.

Elena Gordeichyuk “Rally Fx-1″ (02/22/2013–02/23/2013), 1st place gainer

I have started trading on Forex and discovered the captivating world of contests not so long. I did not hope to get any place, what to tell about the 1st one. I hope the company will continue to develop and will be prosperous!

Ruzanna Hakherdyan “Rally Fx-1″ (02/01/2013–02/02/2013), 2nd place gainer

Forex seemed alluring to me as I was interested in new ways of money making. I am new on market and I am not InstaForex customer yet, but soon I will be. The newcomers will feel comfortable using the trading terminal- everything is clear and simple. The contests are great and honest. I have the most positive impression as everything is fair and transparent.

Aleksei Ulyanov “Rally Fx-1″ (02/22/2013–02/23/2013), 4th place gainer

Thanks, InstaForex, for various and regular contests which provide the opportunity to get deposit without any investments. I constantly participate in the contests and now I finally got to win. I am so delighted! I will continue to fight for the victory. May InstaForex be successful, you are the best!

Anatoliy Astashkin “Rally Fx-1″ (02/15/2013–02/16/2013), 5th place gainer

I really liked the contest. It was a real pleasure to participate in it. It was quick and dynamic; everything is done within one day.

Aleksandr Morkovskiy “One Million Option” (02/04/2013–02/09/2013), 2nd place gainer

Two prize places can compose a sonnet praising the splendor of One Million Option contest.
Here is my photo which is getting younger and younger from contest to contest. Having looked at it, people will say, “He is the One Million Champion.” MONOCEROS

Andrejs Gevejlers “Rally Fx-1″ (01/25/2013–01/26/2013), 2nd place gainer

Thank you, InstaForex, for the great variety of exciting contests! It was good to be the 2d one out of significant number of contestants! You can get intellectual satisfaction together with money prize! May the company continue to develop!

Vladimir Kim “One Million Option” (01/25/2013–01/26/2013), 3d place gainer

I was the 3d in FX-1 Rally by InstaForex. I am very grateful to InstaForex for the opportunity to win the honest fight and get money prize to a trading account. It is really cool. No other company can boast of such benefits. Partake in wonderful contest and be the first. Wish you all the best!!!

Sergei Dulogolenskiy “One Million Option” (02/04/2013–02/09/2013), 3d place gainer

One Million Option by InstaForex is one of the most interesting and captivating contests. It keeps you in suspense for the whole week as you can monitor the statistics which reflects you knowledge and skills in comparison to other contestants. The spirit of rivalry makes you develop and improve your skills. It is quite interesting that no investments are needed for the contest. Moreover, you can gain money prize which will help you to earn real money! Thank you, InstaForex for such a generous gift. Best regards, Asket-1.

Vyacheslav Starovoytov “One Million Option” (02/04/2013–02/09/2013), 4th place gainer

I thank InstaForex for the opportunity of real trading on Forex. I have already taken prizes, and was the 1st prize gainer. But I am still not good at real trading. However, I will not despair. Forex is my life and my dream which will sooner or later make my life better. The wins do not teach us much, while the losses and mistakes gift us with great experience and knowledge.

Fragment from If by Kipling

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

Ekaterina Doroshkevich “One Million Option” (01/14/2013–01/19/2013), 4th place gainer

Thank you so much for the opportunity to take part in various contests. I am very happy with my prize account which will help me to try real trading. This is my first deposit. I wish the company prosperity and further development.

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