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03.05.2011 Post in Interview

Often an interesting activity is left at the midway and the peaks which could have been conquered become dreams. Trading is not exclusion. Forex is not just a hobby, it is work requiring diligence, patience and dedication, and these peculiarities are not possessed by anybody! However, expended energy will never be left without a reward, either moral, or financial. The winner of “InstaForex Sniper” contest confirms it – Anthony Genius.

IFX: Hello! How did you join Forex market?
AG: My Friend told me about forex then I became interested.

IFX: Is your education related to financial markets?
AG: No.

IFX: Does trading come as your main activity or it’s just a hobby?
AG: Right now, hobby and side job.

IFX: Do you follow the analysts advice or you prefer to make forecasts by yourself?
AG: Make my own forecast.

IFX: Were you sure in your victory from the start or was the victory a pleasant surprise for you?
AG: I was surprised.

IFX: How do you think what advantages helped you to outrun your rivals and break through to the first place? Or was it just a luckiness?
AG: I have trading system and that week (contest) it did well.

IFX: What did attract you in “InstaForex-Sniper” contest?
AG: Short period and transparency.

IFX: Are there any pairs you try to avoid in trading?
AG: Try to avoid USD-JPY.

IFX: What is your strategy based on?
AG: Trend line and RSI.

IFX: What would you wish or recommend our competitors who were overcome by you?
AG: Find your trading system, test it. If it’s profitable, don’t hesitate to follow it.

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14.02.2011 Post in Interview

About a thousand of traders take part in the “Lucky Trader” contest arranged by InstaForex Company each month. However, not all of them manage to achieve the desired results. Yet, there are the ones who does succeed. So, today we are happy to introduce you the winner of a January step of Lucky Trader. His name is Ibrahim Shibab. In our interview we made an attempt to reveal the secret of success in trading tournaments.

Ibrahim-ShihabIFX: How long have you been working on Forex market? What attracted you in the profession of trader?
IS: I have been on this market for about 3 years. It is attractive as you witness imressively high changes for minutes. And besides, you operate with big amounts.

IFX: Do you ever feel scared? How do you handle your emotions?
Certainly, everyone on this market feels scared. But I can handle the emotions thanks to a good EA. So no human emotions are involved.

IFX: How did you get to know about InstaForex Company and what prompted you to take part in the Lucky Trader Contest?
I know InstaForex Company for over 2 years and I trade with it as it offers reliable, fast servers and an opportunity to join the contests.

IFX: How soon did you manage to reach the top? Is it your first victory in an InstaForex contest?
This is the second time i has won the Lucky Trader contest.

IFX: What is the secret of success on the currency market?
I think the secret of success on this market is controlling your feelings and preventing fear from affecting the way you open and close your positions.

IFX: Could you, please, tell us more about your winning strategy?
I mostly use EA in my scalping. I  rely on the moving average.

IFX: What are the main things which are worth paying attention to by the beginning traders?
I would recommend more training, before starting to trade on the real market.

IFX: Thank you for taking part! We wish you the same grand victories in future!

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23.11.2010 Post in Interview

Recently we got in touch with Mardi Marbun, “InstaForex Sniper” second winner, and asked him some questions regarding his success in the trading contests. Mr. Marbun was kind enough to agree to give us an interview and share his trading experience.

Mardi Marbun-2 IFX: Hello. How did you learn about Forex market?
MM: Hello, I learn about Forex market from articles in the Internet.

IFX: Is your education related to the financial field?
MM: No.

IFX: Is trading your main activity or just a hobby?
MM: Yes, trading is my main activity.

IFX: Do you follow the advice of analysts or prefer making your own forecasts?
MM: Sometimes.

IFX: Were you confident in your victory since the start or was it a pleasant surprise?
MM: Since the start, I was confident I will win it.

IFX: How do you think which competitive advantages helped you to reach the top? Or you just were lucky?
MM: No, I am not just lucky… but I tried hard to win the competition.

IFX: What was attracting for you in “InstaForex Sniper” contest?
MM: “InstaForex Sniper” is a difficult challenge, because there are many traders who take part in the contest.

IFX: Are there any pairs you are trying to avoid in your trading?
MM: No.

IFX: What is your strategy based on?
MM: Fundamental, technical and economic forecast.

IFX: What would you wish and advise the contesters which you have overcome?
MM: Never give up in despair!

IFX: Thank you for participation! Wish you always have such a great luck!

If Mardi Marbun’s success has inspired you, you can try your forces in the next contest, coming up on Monday, 29 November.

The interview was obtained by Ekaterina Pobedinskaya
InstaForex Clients’ relationship manager

25.03.2010 Post in Interview

Dear blog readers,

This time we would like to introduce one of the pretenders to “Miss Insta Asia” title, a participant of InstaForex beauty contest, a real Asian beauty and just a simple young girl – Siti Maryam Idris. She is a student from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and very intelligent person. How is she related to Forex world, and who compelled her to take part in the contest – that’s what she will tell us in her interview to “Miss Insta Asia” Administration.

siti maryam

IFX: Hello dear Siti Maryam.What do you do in your life? What are your hobbies and interests?

SM: Right now I’m working as Administration at private company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In the same time I’m persuading my degree in Software Engineering at University Technology of Malaysia. I like outdoor activities like camping, jungle tracking, travelling and more. Like most women my interest are mainly in healthcare and music.

IFX: As you have written in your profile, you are taking “Software Engineering” course. But how are you related to Forex? Are you a trader? Share your experience and impression of trading.

SM: Forex and Software are two difference fields, but I don’t see this is a barrier for me to get involved in both worlds. Some of my knowledge in Software engineering could be applies in Forex indirectly- you have to be discipline, critically and analytically in both fields.

I’m not a trader as I’m very fresh in this field, but I’m exposed by the environment of trading as I’m surrounded by family members who are successful traders

IFX: For how long have you learned about Forex?

SM: I’m newbie in Forex, I just learn about Forex since I’m working in Forex Company.

IFX: Is currency trading serious and respectable work? Why?

SM: Yes, because it requires experience, money management, discipline, trading psychology, mental strategies and more, which are not everybody have and the only strong can excel with this job.

IFX: Do you earn enough and stably at Forex? Or is it just a hobby and additional source of revenue?

SM: As I’ve mentioned, I’m not a trader yet, however from my experience with traders around me, I can say that they earn well.

IFX: Do you think trading is just male profession? Or women can also approve themselves in this field? What qualities do help them to trade?

SM: When it comes to money management it should be no boundary between male and female, both genders have the equal opportunity to excel in this field. What important is these qualities: experience, money management, discipline, trading psychology and mental strategies.

IFX: How did you learn about InstaForex Company?

SM: InstaForex Company is my principal employer. I’m glad to work/learn with InstaForex Company.

IFX: What did compel you to register in the contest?

SM: Encouragement from my colleagues and also as a form of support to my company.

IFX: Is it your first experience of participating in the beauty contests?

SM: Yes, this is my first time.

IFX: By the current rating, you are among the first five leaders. How do you appraise your chances to win?

SM: I never put any high hope at all, instead I’m very surprised I could reach this level and thank you in advance to all the voters.

IFX: Which of your personal qualities do your friends appreciate?

SM: Honesty, sincere and trustworthy.

IFX: What are the secrets of your beauty and charm?

SM: For me the beauty comes from inside -behavior, honesty and self belief-

IFX: What helps you to make a decision: good sense or intuition?

SM: Both are relevant depend on situation, sometimes it needs a good sense and sometimes intuition works.

IFX: You wrote you were proud to be Asian. What distinguishes Asian girls from other nations?

SM: A typical Asian upbringing engenders its women with the importance of manners and respect for others. Asian girl are gentle and polite, they are typically very attractive physically and intelligent. Asian girls have many qualities ensuring that they are constantly respectable. I‘m not saying the western girls do not possess these qualities, but in many ways I’m proud to be an Asian young lady.

IFX: What is your the most dearest wish for today?

SM: Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better. Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills. Don’t wish for less challenge, wish for more wisdom.

IFX: Thank you so much for your answers and time. We wish you good luck in the contest and great achievements in your life and study!

The interview was obtained by Ekaterina Abramova ,
InstaForex PR-manager

To learn more about the contest and its participants you can visit the website:

01.12.2009 Post in Interview

Dmitry Savchecnko, InstaForex deputy director gave an interview to the traders’ online-magazine “Stock exchange leader”. We have translated it for our blog-readers.

Is Forex broker a casino, and is MT4 a new form of roulette wheel?

SEL: The number of dealing centers amounts to tens and always increases. Traders’ opinion concerning a broker as about a group of businessmen, who bought MT4 trading terminal (“roulette without risk of loss”) and collect money with the only aim to share it between each other, is not a secret for you. 97% of traders lose their money themselves, 3% are helped by dealing centers, those who succeed to earn are not given with their profit by brokers. There are already 5 cases of profit not paid by different Forex brokerage companies among the Academy audience. Is traders’ opinion about dealing centers and Forex-brokers correct or not?

DS: It is rather true. Forex-brokers are reflection of our life, which has everything in, and it is important to distinguish one from another. There are dealing centers and brokers in Russian Federation as well as abroad, which fall under the described scheme. Every trader should be able to pay his/her attention to nuances, which really can help to tell a safe broker from a “bucketshop”.

How can trader tell respectable broker from a “bucketshop”?

DS: All criteria of a trustful broker, which you can find in the Internet (paid hosting, analytics and so on), became obsolete – all have paid sites and almost every broker provides analytics. Search an answer to your question in 2 directions:

– who, when and why has established his/her dealing center?

– how much has he/she invested in the business?

If you see ads, how “a group of experienced traders” left trading with no reason and decided to felicitate people by opening a new brokerage company… or how quite new dealing center suddenly announces about unexampled trading conditions, I doubt whether it is something serious. However, there are so many traps in our live, so it is hard to remember, which one you have not been lured into yet.

SEL: Ok. Let’s consider an exact example. I am a trader, who would like to open 1000 US dollars account with you. What does happen to my money, especially if I start making profit?

DS: Nothing really will happen to your funds. They will be at your balance and be increasing or reducing in accordance with the effectiveness of your work. InstaForex is a major international Forex-broker with more than solid investments. We make profit only by spread. We came into the market not for 1 month or 1 year. We are going to stay there as long as it will be possible. That is why it is inexpediently for us to apply “dirty schemes” or play with trust management. We have formed client’s portfolio, that is why we successfully develop due to the only and absolutely transparent source of income – spread from deals.

So I would like to advice once again all active and potential clients to separate the wheat from the tares.

Why does InstaForex gift Hummers to the best traders?

SEL: Who established InstaForex Company and what for? I watch you for a long time. At first, big prizes for contests among demo-accounts, then the greatest campaign in the Internet “Hummer H3 to a jammy fellow”. Are the costs repaid in circumstances of the global financial crisis?

DS: You hit the mark, the sense of our company and its difference from other world brokers is work for future. InstaForex Companies Group is a group of investment companies from different corners of the Earth, understanding well that investments as distinct from currency speculations are LONG-term projects.

Why did we come to the brokerage service market and start occupying it intensively? Because we saw who and what for launches brokerage companies and what services are provided to traders. It looks terrible from the inside. Our style is unique, we first started investing in traders, who need to be brought up. The majority of dealing centers (in contrast with investors) absolutely don’t need it.

SEL: We have noticed this by InstaForex relation to Masterforex-V Academy. While some companies prohibit any mentioning of MF, your staff even send traders to us for education.

DS: Relation to your Academy is also evaluating criteria for Forex-broker – which brokers need experienced traders and which don’t. We do not only recommend Masterforex-V to the most talented traders, but in the nearest future we will make the next step within our strategy of trader and investor interests’ combination. Now we are carrying on talks with MF regarding organization of wide-ranging contest among the Academy members during 1 – 2 months with big prizes.

For example, the first prize-taker in the demo-contest among the MF Academy audience will get 3 thousands USD in cash and 30 thousands USD as initial deposit to trust management account. If trading is profitable, an investor account will not be limited by volume. There are no investment problems in the world (even under the conditions of the global financial crisis), there are other problems (traders’, investors’). We are planning to held such contest (with checking stop-out and other criteria by our investment department) regularly.

SEL: Describe the main steps of your company’s development. What is done already, and what do you have to do?

DS: Our first step as respectable company – creating the biggest in the world network of branches with providing services from micro-accounts to the highest investors’ deposits – is already done. Branch network is opened in 30 countries of the world and it will be increasing. Moreover, an important constituent of the company’s growth is valuable providing micro-real accounts services. In InstaForex Company 1 lot can be diminished to 10000 units of account, what in its turn allows a client to have several accounts in one at once. Also a trader easily can trade using different volumes from 0.01 lot. Therein lies an advantage and a popularity of micro-accounts. Our company works with micro-accounts during long period, and it may safely be said that the company’s micro-real accounts are much sought after, what makes us one of the leaders in this area.

The second InstaForex step is our own investment in successful traders. Serious investors require experienced traders, who need to be brought up, selected and combined with investors, then sign a contract with severe conditions and control finance. It is not necessary to convince investors of putting up money (like government officials do, not understanding the investors’ logic). You should better demonstrate them benefit by the example of profit-making traders results. In our turn, we guarantee qualitative service for investor to be able to overlook and choose trustful manager for himself within a work of PAMM-account system.

The third InstaForex step will be more surprising. So and in no other way you can take and keep the leading position in the brokerage service niche – providing the services, which no one could or did not want provide before you.

SEL: Thank you. It is pleasant to see the brokerage company of a new type, trying to combine the interests of traders and investors, as well as to write in short time, that InstaForex Company became the certain world leader of micro-accounts. What would you like to wish traders-beginners?

DS: Thank you. First of all “learn, learn and learn again”. There are no investor’s funds problem in the world, but there is a serious problem of experienced and stably making profit traders deficit.

Source is “Stock exchange leader”

The interview was obtained by Darika Isakova,
interpreter-translator of InstaForex