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“Real Scalping” is the way to success

Tuesday, April 12th, 2011

Dear Teh Soon SeongInstaForex contests represent a great opportunity for perfecting skills, employing new strategies and learn from the tactics of rivals. How long does it take for a trader to develop into a true professional? The answer to this question was provided by the winner of the “Real Scalping” – Teh Soon Seong.

IFX: How long have you been working on Forex market? What did attract you in trader’s profession?

TS: I have been trading on Forex for about 2 years already. I believe Forex provides plenty of opportunities for everyone.

IFX:What is the most frequently occurring reason for deposit discharge?
Normally I withdraw half of my funds once a month.

IFX:Do you ever feel scared? How do you handle emotions?
Yes. Usually I close the position if I do not feel confident.

IFX:How did you know about InstaForex Company and what did prompt you to take part in “InstaForex-Sniper” Contest?
I came to know InstaForex during my training seminar. Participating in InstaForex contests improves my skills.

IFX:How soon did you manage to reach the top? Is it your first victory in an InstaForex contest?
I have participated in InstaForex contests for a couple of months. I have been here for 5 months and this is the first time I won.

IFX:What is the secret of success on the currency market?
Discipline and patience are very important elements.

IFX: Could you please tell more about your winning strategy?
I trade only when I feel confident.

IFX: What do you usually rely on while making decisions on deals opening?
MT4 (5-minutes charts), current trend, and forex news.

IFX: What are the main things which are worth paying attention to by the beginning traders?
Learn from others mistake before other learn from yours.

IFX:Thank you for taking part! We wish you the same grand victories in future!

Added by Kseniya Lobas,

Stories of Successful Female Traders

Thursday, February 17th, 2011

Prior to the International Women’s Day we will tell you about successful female traders who reached success on the financial markets and earned fame.

The first one in our list of successful women – Lora Pederson.

Laura Pedersen – trading genius

Laura came to Wall Street at the age of 17. Her age did not allow to take part in “adult” games. However, she made an agreement with her employer that she would be a non-staff worker. But she started playing. At 24 years old she managed to earn 1,5 million dollars.

Being young Lora was selling tomatoes at her mother’s farm, in that period a remarkable business talent was disclosed. Later she started playing poker quite well, put money on a horse and never made a mistake. At 10 she asked to present her the shares of Coca-Cola Company. At the age of 14 Laura went to New York on excursion to the American Stock Exchange. She left study at the Michigan University in the first year, as she did not see any practical benefit in getting the higher education.

Since 1984 Laura started working as a clerk earning just a small amount of money. The point of her job was in replacing the traders who were going on vacation. She learned fast to participate in virtual wrangles. Her parents were violent opponents of their daughter’s activity, but for 4 years work at the company she made her employers richer by 5 billion dollars. Even in the period of a total downturn she managed to gain 100 million dollars.

However, her career finished as precipitately as it started. The doctors found a serious disease recommending her to leave the job.

Later she wrote a book “Play Money”. Her book has become a triumphal epitaph of live trading craft left in order to please the omnivorous technological monster of electronic commerce.

Added by Anna Shubina ,
InstaForex Clients’ relationship manager

InstaForex congratulates you on New Year holidays!

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

InstaForex Company and the entire international staff congratulate you whole-heartedly on the coming Christmas and New 2011 Year! We hope that the past year was favorable, advantageous, kind and full of good events for you. We wish you to raise your bar of success in 2011.

For our company 2010 has become another year of prosperity and new peaks conquest. This year we were the first to provide our clients with real accounts on MetaTrader 5 terminal, we have launched a PAMM-system and futures, issued our own bank cards – InstaForex MasterCard, advanced the prize amount of campaigns and contests up to HALF a MILLION USD and what is more: we have set up a world record of the highest mountain trading above the sea level. And that is not all! By the end of 2010 the number of our clients has reached around 300 000 traders all over the world. They trust us, and in our turn we equal their hopes daily working on perfection of trading quality and comfort with InstaForex! In addition, an authoritative British award in the financial field – World Finance Awards has recognized InstaForex Company as the best broker of Asia for the second year already.

All these achievements were made due to our highly respected clients. Only together we can reach more and more tops year by year. In its turn, InstaForex Company promises to be your loyal partner and supporter during the whole 2011 year.

In the New 2011 Year InstaForex team wishes you a professional progress, positive forecasts, friendly trend and big profits, although the forthcoming year will be the Cat or Rabbit’s year – for each trader it is always the year of Bull and Bear. Frankly speaking, may Lady Luck and good success attend you everywhere, let the people around be a driving force for attaining new peaks and be the one to inspire for them!

Have the best of luck and welfare in 2011!

Sincerely yours,
InstaForex Team

Over 200 girls from all over the world took part in InstaForex beauty contest!

Friday, December 17th, 2010

Miss Insta Asia 2011 arranged by InstaForex Company is getting more and more popular. The website registration page has welcomed more than 200 contestants already. The exclusive contest is increasingly popular: it attracts attention of girls from not only Asian countries, but many more. It comes as no surprise, taking into account that the winner and the five Vice-Miss are to share a prize fund of USD 35 000 autumn 2011.

If you are over 18 years old, and feel excited about participating in the contest, the only thing you need to do is registering and filling in an application form. And remember to provide at least three photographs of you.


Winners are determined by transparent and honest online voting by the website visitors. It should me mentioned that the clients of InstaForex Company enjoy a priviledge to influence upon the contest results. For further information, please, visit contest website.

We will be glad to welcome self-confident girls struggling for Miss Insta Asia title as well as users who want to vote for some attractive participant on the official website of Miss InstaForex Asia.

Added by Yana Krupko,
InstaForex PR-manager

Congratulations on Eid al-Adha!

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

Dear customers!

Today the Muslims rejoice together worldwide as they celebrate the holy Eid al-Adha. This is one of the key Islamic holidays, which is meant to be recognition of believers’ spiritual strength, high morality, compassion and humanity.

InstaForex Companies Group heartily congratulates all the Muslims of the world on the blessed day of Eid al-Adha! Let this holiday warm your heart and home. We wish sound health, happiness and well-being to you and your families!


Sincerely yours,
InstaForex Team