Christmas in Liverpool: how it was

In November 2014 three lucky traders won the main prize offered by the Christmas in Liverpool campaign. The winners are Gabil Agaev, Norhafizah Binti Abu Bakar, and Pavel Pupko. However, two of three winners opted to choose bonuses. And only Pavel Pupko from St. Petersburg, the real football fan, met Christmas in one of the UK’s popular cities.


On Christmas Eve, Pavel arrived at the homeland of the legendary The Beatles. He stayed at a design boutique hotel located 5 minutes walk from the River Mersey with stunning views of the city. During two days in Liverpool, Pavel went on a sightseeing walking tour and visited the best restaurants in the city. Prior to the game, he did an exclusive tour of Anfield, the home of Liverpool FC. Anfield Stadium’s capacity is over 45,000 seats. Moreover, it is known as the UK’s most ‘singing’ stadium.

On December 29, Pavel watched the Christmas match, the Premier League Boxing Day game at a VIP private box. After a breathtaking game, the winner had a dinner with the football club’s representatives and partners at the Hall of Fame room.

Pavel was very excited about the trip: “Greetings to all of the team members and thank you for a wonderful trip! I loved it very much though I have traveled through Europe a lot. What I think is that it’s quite humdrum, but England is something special. The football match was very interesting, and I felt Liverpool’s power and advantage from the very beginning. I was also pleasantly surprised by the organization of the game as there were no aggressive football fans and firecrackers. Thanks for such a great experience!”

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